Ideas for Organizing Books in the Home Library

Even now that e-books are more popular, a library remains an essential element in the decoration, both for book lovers and for those who are not so passionate about collecting literary volumes.

A house without a library looks cold and without personality. On the other hand, even if a house full of books on stacks in each room looks bohemian and charming, it is not exactly an example of a functional, airy and stylish space.

The average solution is simple and we will present it in the following paragraphs. Whether the collection consists of a few or many books, there are tips and helpful ideas for configuring the library.

Where should the library be set up.

Books take up space and if you have a habit of buying a lot of books, it will probably not be very easy to find space for them, especially if you live in a studio or small apartment.

Buy a tall bookcase so you can place as many books as you can vertically. This way, the distance between the floor and the ceiling will look bigger and you will be able to place the books you have already read on the higher shelves. A folding ladder with one, two or even three steps will help you reach even the highest shelves with ease.

You will definitely have an empty corner in your home that is difficult to decorate and that you do not want to leave without furniture. A corner library will fit nicely here. You can choose one of wood or even wrought iron or metal with antique finish, if the room has shabby chic style or industrial details. It will fit dozens of books and will fit in any room, be it the living room, the bedroom or the hall.

Large hardcover books or illustrated volumes can be included in a composition on the main living room table. Complete the decoration for your living room with a stack of books placed on a ceramic, wooden or bronze tray, with high edges, next to a vase of flowers and a trinket. This will add personality and elegance to the space.

Organization of books.

Some organize their books by color, others in alphabetical order, while minimalists who prefer a calm atmosphere wrap their books in white paper to keep the color palette neutral. It is also good to think about functionality when organizing books in your library. They may look beautiful but they are useless if you can not find the book you are looking for easily.

On the other hand, if you choose to sort them alphabetically, you may end up with a chaotic collection of books of different sizes and colors that will look out of place in a harmonious setting. The solution is to try to simplify the process of organizing your books and combine the classification by category with the alphabetical order. Divide the books into literary and non-literary and then into literary categories. Place them according to the author’s name. Books from a particular category will have a similar shape and usually belong to publishing collections, which means that they will look uniform if placed together. By organizing your books this way, it will be easier to find the book you are looking for quickly and your library will look more organized.

If you do not have too many books, you can experiment with other types of organization. Arrange them by color when you want to change the decor of the room or turn the ones you have already read with your back to the wall. Put books upside down, this method has become a trend. The main argument is that by turning the books with the pages facing outwards, you achieve a uniform color palette and an interesting look reminiscent of sculpture.

Personalization of the library.

You can find libraries more or less full in most homes, but not all of them are personalized with decorative elements.

For a more refined look, you can include accent lighting in the library like built-in spotlights.

Add some organic items to the shelves between the books. Small pots with succulents, a transparent vase with pebbles and shells or pine cones. If you do not want to sacrifice a lot of space on the shelves, you can place books horizontally on stacks, as a base for decorations.

Use bookcases if you want to highlight a collection from your favorite author or if you want to support books on a separate shelf. There are many types, of abstract designs that are perfect for modern decor.

If you have fewer books and more space on your bookshelf, you can manage it as an art installation. This means that you can decorate it as a whole and not each shelf separately. For example, if you place a bookcase on a shelf on the right and a few books on the left, you can place a stack of books on the bottom center.

Add framed photos or small paintings to your library decor, vases, wooden figures, souvenirs and other favorite items you want to highlight.

If you have enough space, place a chair in front of the bookcase, an armchair or even a floor cushion so you can sit comfortably when you flip through a book or read it.

Your library can be an inexhaustible source of spiritual satisfaction and visual enjoyment.