Colors Suitable For The Bathroom

During a renovation, the choice of colors is a key step in continuing the work. Based on the colors or color combinations that you want to integrate in an area of the house, you will choose in the next step the following elements.

  • Furniture.
  • Tiles.
  • Basic materials and textures.
  • Lighting outfits.
  • Decorations.

The above procedure applies to any area of ​​the house, regardless of its size or use. Living room, kitchen, hallways, guest house, bathroom.

We will focus on how to choose the right color combinations for the bathroom and will discuss two important aspects of the work.

Basic rules for choosing colors for the bathroom.

If you want to choose the right shades for your bathroom, as well as a color combination suitable for the surface and the brightness you have, see below some rules that are good to keep in mind.

The rule of 3 colors.

Represents a simple method for defining a palette for bathroom colors.
Includes the choice of a light color, a neutral color and a contrasting color.
The dispersion of the three colors should follow the following rule: the lightest color 70% / neutral color 20% / contrast color 10%

70% – 30%

The rule of complementarity of two shades at 70/30 ensures an excellent result, which creates a balanced color mix. Recommended: 70% white / 30% gray.
The above ratio is recommended especially in cases where the bathroom is small, with white being used mainly for the low area, such as tiles, sanitary ware.
With this ratio, the feeling is created that the space is bigger, something that can be enhanced by the use in the decoration of luminaires with cold light.

The rule of the dominant shade.

Find inspiration from the general color palette of your home, so that you can integrate the same palette in the design of the bathroom.
If you have a living room designed in the style of dark blue, white, cream, you can apply the same style of design in the bathroom, inspired by shades that exude freshness and well-being.

What are the most suitable colors for the bathroom?

As we have completed the analysis of the simplest rules for choosing colors in the bathroom, let us now see what are the most appropriate shades for shaping this important space of the house.


A shade around which you can set up an entire marine decor, a perfect style for shaping the bathroom.
Blue is a shade that exudes freshness and its integration into the overall decor of the bathroom is a feasible solution, thanks to the many bathroom items that match colors, such as furniture, bath curtains, towels.


This color exudes harmony and visual comfort, and is especially suitable for bathrooms with a small area, as it contributes to creating the feeling that the space is larger.
In the bathrooms, white can be used for ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and furniture for activities in this area.
The biggest advantage of this color is that it can be easily combined with a whole range of shades, offering great freedom in choosing the right color combination.


It is an intense color, which can bring to the decoration of a modern bathroom the freshness of nature. Green tiles, combined with bathroom furniture in shades of light wood, can turn the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.


These are colors full of life, which aim to break the monotony of the space. Their combination creates an eccentric color palette for a non-conforming bathroom decor.
To avoid creating a very tiring feeling for the eyes, dilute these shades with white and gray and add metallic elements to the textures of the mirror and furniture.

Red and Yellow

A combination made of warm shades, perfect for those who love hot summer days.This perfect symbiosis of shades can work on both tiles and bathroom furniture.