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Arnetoli Motor

Via Ponte all'Olivo /b, Loc. Montanino, Reggello, Italy

Arnetoli Motor started its activity in 1984. As a result of Arnetoli's careful and timely response to clients requests and needs, it became in a short time a world leader in innovating trimmer heads.

Oliver Agro

Via Torre, Engazzà di Salizzole (VR), Italy

Oliver Agro is a leading-edge technology company in the engineering and mechanical construction of agricultural machinery. Focused in the continuous qualitative research of its achievements, Oliver Agro is a solid and reliable partner composed by a competent and motivated team aimed to make your job simpler. Given the need to reduce the lead time, the goal is to facilitate the phases of the production process by improving the management of the employees in the field, skilling and making them more efficient in the task entrusted.

Le Caselle

Via E. Mattei, 2, Pontevico, Lombardy, Italy

Founded in 1991, Le Caselle has combined extensive know-how in the food manufacturing field with innovative technology and a top rate product line. Semi-finished products include chips and pellets obtained from potatoes, cereals and tapioca.